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AdDU Alumni Web App

AdDU Alumni Web App is a project started by the AdDU Alumni Office. The Alumni office asked us to build it because the system used by the AdDU Alumni Office is manual and hard to keep up. Record-keeping and accessibility are not easy since there is much data to be saved and overseen. That's why the purpose of this web app is to assist the AdDU Alumni Office in keeping and tracking the records easily so that it will lessen their load and do what they do best.

AdDU InfoPro

It is a mobile app built for students to know about Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) and communication. Imagine, all you need to know about Ateneo is in your grip. The information in an InfoPro is Student Government, Courses, Administrators, and many more. Besides details about AdDU, this mobile app is used for communication like announcements and chats from offices. You can read the notifications given by the offices; also, you can chat them for any concerns. Available in both IOS and Android, see you :).

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